Friday, June 16, 2006


Most of the time I feel ok about myself,.. about my weight. Except for certain moments, when I walk into a clothing store and the clerk tells you in a very loud voice (specially if the place is full):"We only have Small here", or "We make them in plus sizes too!"
So today when I walked out of the store it took me about two blocks to feel miserable and depressed.
Somehow I feel it´s a sin if you are above 1,67 mts and wears shoe size 40, not to mention being overweight...


Horuhe said...

You're so beauty! Don't feel bad please... Sometimes, you have autorejection with your self but you say, "I am!" and not "I would have to be".

This is the problem....I think :P

Don't feel sad ok? ^^

PD: Mi ingles....malo eh? XD Bueno, queria decirlo en ingles espero que me hayas entendido :P

VrZelda said...

Horuhe! you are so nice!:)

Aunque a veces es inevitable sentirse mal por cosas tontas como esas, menos mal no compro ropa casi nunca asi evito los malos ratos de "no tenemos tu talla" XD