Monday, May 02, 2011

So... about Osama...

It's hard to have an opinion about this delicate matter, specially on the internet, full of haters.... I somehow felt inappropriate... the "celebrating on the streets/drinking/partying/etc".  I have seen on some blogs comparisons between Hitler's death and Osama's. But... what's to compare?. Hitler was the ruler of a country and sadly a lot of germans stood behind him, believed what he said about the nazi philosophy and I don't think you can compare the holocaust to 9/11.
I do think that some people are entitle to feel relief because of what Osama's death could represent: maybe.. justice to the people that died on the twin towers, maybe closing a chapter... perhaps hope that the world can fight terrorism.
Still the celebrations are out of place, it makes it feel so uncivil, to be happy about someone dying... and it also makes us look naive, to think that this man's death means the end of terrorism all together :S

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Marcelo said...

some people insist in living in the past, and justify them on their misery. there are others that will keep finding massive destruction everything where there's nothing at all... others will simply kill an insect on tv, then act as if nothing happened. they're certainly not buddhists - LOL